AromaLessons™ 30 Day FREE Trial Membership

I’m so excited to announce that enrollment to the AromaLessons™ Monthly Membership is now open!

AromaLessons™ is part education and part support group to help passionate oilers answer ALL of their essential oil questions.

It’s jam packed full of soooo many goodies!

Inside you’ll find…

  • In-depth (but VERY practical) trainings created for you by a certified aromatherapist.
  • A community of people who LOVE essential oils. 
  • Live training every month to increase your knowledge and answer your questions so you can confidently use essential oils in your daily life.
  • So much more!

The best part is that it’s ridiculously affordable (at $27 per month, cancel at any time, no strings attached) and insanely valuable. When you dive into all of the training and resources available to you, you’ll see amazing results with your essential oils.

Here's how it works: Your first 30 days is FREE! After that, you'll be charged $27 per month and the fee will NEVER go up as long as you're a member. You can cancel anytime AND that includes before you're ever even charged a penny! Simply login to your account and hit "cancel" - no explanation needed.

Come and join us!

I'll see you over on the inside,


30 Day FREE Trial Membership

$27.00 USD every month